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About MonkeyTea (AKA Kevin K)



I left New York under duress, trailing bad debts and other complications. (When they said “bench warrant” I thought it meant like a time-out.)  I landed at Harbin Hot Springs, near Middletown CA, off the grid, under the radar, and into a structure made of 2-by-4s and tarps and rope on a mountainside.  Lasted there for most of a winter until I was rescued by a woman with central heating.

It’s been a long trip since then and things have worked out mostly for the better. The woman in question (“central heating,” as it turned out, was at once an amenity, a metaphor and an understatement) is now a famous visionary and spiritual teacher.   I have also done well for myself, having met the residency requirement to qualify for public assistance in San Francisco.  I no longer fear radar and I even trust my name to Google.  For the most part.

If you’re wondering about the name MonkeyTea, and well you should be, check out:

On the other hand, if you want to  learn something substantial about actual Monkey-Picked Tea, an ancient Chinese myth that’s been revived for marketing purposes,  you might need to go somewhere else entirely:


– Kevin K


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